Tondiraba Ice Rink hosts the most modern ice facility which has been built with curling in mind. Three full-size stationary curling sheets are opened from the beginning of August until the end of May which makes Curling Tallinn season one of the longest among curling rinks in the world.

Tondiraba curling rink is surrounded with solid concrete walls which keep the climate inside the building very stable. The rink also holds a small stand helping the curling fans to enjoy a higher view towards the curling sheets. The Restaurant at Tondiraba Ice Rink is also overlooking the curling sheets from the second floor, resulting in a perfect place for enjoying curling games while staying in a warm room.

Our curling rink offers only world-class equipment. For example, our playing stones are basically identical with the stones used at the Olympic Winter Games as they come from the same manufacturer – Kays of Scotland.

We believe that the Tondiraba curling rink will be the favorite for local recreational curlers as well as for curling professionals from all over the world.

Curling is waiting for you!