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About Corporate Events

About Corporate Events

NB! We have new version of the same topic published 11th of October 2019. Please read HERE.

Who can play curling? Curling is a very rich sport because everybody can play the game. Our clients are companies, school groups, men, women, youth, wheelchair players, seniors, local championships and international tournaments organizers, birthday events etc. Curling can be played with groups beginning from 6 people and we have organized an event even for 100+ people. Depending on the size of the group we will find the model how to organize an event appropriate for you.

Why choose curling as a corporate event? If you planning to organize an event for your people, that:

a) everybody can be part of;
b) includes sporting activity;
c) would help to develop your teamwork and communication,

then curling as a corporate event is meeting all these criteria’s.

Why you should think of curling as your corporate event:

  • taking care of your health and doing sports is “IN”;
  • everybody can play curling or curling is for everybody;
  • as curling takes part indoors there are no weather risks involved for our clients;
  • at our curling rink, we can provide the best curling conditions in the region;
  • helps to develop teamwork;
  • you can add some extras to your event (conference rooms, catering, sauna etc);
  • you don’t have to worry about the equipment (curling stones and – brushes as well special shoes are from us). You and your people just have to come to the curling arena wearing comfortable leisurewear;
  • don’t worry – our office staff and instructors take care of your event! You can just relax and enjoy.

When to choose package “Introduction to Curling”? If your group size is 6 to 11 people we recommend package “Introduction to Curling”. During 2 hour session, we will give the participants an overview of the sport of curling and its basic rules. We will also introduce the equipment, demonstrate various sliding techniques as well as give some tips on how and when to use the broom. During the second half of the session, we will also play few ends of curling.

When to choose package “Road to Olympics”? We recommend this package for groups starting from 12+ people (to have as a minimum 4 teams of 3 people). As this package is 3 hours it gives us more time to introduce the game in more detail. Motivate your employees/clients/friends by offering them a curling tournament or challenge your competitors and decide the best team based on the principle of fair play. We can organize a full-scale tournament for your company. Before the game begins we will provide an overview of the sport and its rules, introduce the equipment and show you sliding techniques and how and when to use the brush. After that, we help to divide the group into teams and organize a full tournament that meets all requirements. The session will end up with the presentation of medals and diplomas to top 3 teams and of course trophy for the winner.

Our instructors speak Estonian, Finnish, Russian and English. Please let us know your preferred language beforehand!

You can book your event from here.

See you on ice!