13. August 2016 Fred Randver

Dear Curling Friends!

Dear Curling Friends!

Dear Curling Friends,

This is our 16th curling season in Estonia, and the stakes are getting high. For the first time in Estonian curling history, our players are competing for a place in the Olympics!

The Olympic Dream places additional attention on players, coaches and the association as a whole, and puts curling into the spotlight as never before. Stakes and expectations are high. I believe that it is our shared goal to contribute our best efforts to making the Olympic Dream a reality in 2018. The highlight for Estonian curling this season will be the 2017 World Mixed Doubles Championships (WMDCC); at the same time, let’s not discount our elite women’s and men’s teams who both still have the possibility of reaching the 2017 Olympic Qualification Event.

My hope is that this season will turn out to be a most successful one. It will be sure to have its fair share of highs and lows, but there is one thing we know for certain – we will be playing world-class curling in Estonia. I wish all the teams, players and coaches the best season possible, and may all sporting goals be reached. Together with the hiring of a foreign coach, and excellent ice conditions in Tallinn, our future is bright and very much in our own hands. Here’s to a successful season!

Hope you enjoy reading the 3rd edition of our newsletter (for the first time in English),

Fred Randver
Estonian Curling Association