Curling stones

Curling stones are made out of granite and they weigh around 20 kg’s. Plastic handle on the stones offers players some grip in order to apply a curl to the stone. At the end of the sheet there are rubber “hacks” which provides traction to the players in order to slide and deliver the stones. Every curling club has stones and hacks on-site, therefore you do not have to carry those around.


Probably you have seen curling players sweeping the ice before. The purpose of this process is to create some heat on the ice in front of the stone which also helps the stone to travel further. You can also affect the direction of the stones by sweeping them. Brooms are free to use at all our venues.


Curling players, also known as curlers, wear special footwear while playing the game. One of the soles is providing ability to slide (usually teflon) and the other sole will provide grip for moving around on the ice. If you’re coming to play then we offer curling shoes for you, free of charge! The rubber soles will ensure your safety throughout the event.

If you’re interested in buying personal curling equipment then contact Curling Tallinn and ask for advice!