27. February 2018 Fred Randver

About 2018/2019 tournaments in Estonia, Tallinn

About 2018/2019 tournaments in Estonia, Tallinn

This season is still in full swing, but Curling Tallinn has already come up with a tournament schedule for the next season – 2018/2019. In this way, we want to inform early on, what we have on the tournament menu for the next season. And the curling tournament menu next season is richer than ever. In addition to the traditional tournaments, the European Curling Championships will be held in Tallinn for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The Estonian curling history has not yet been seen for such a significant season.

Before we get to the next season, let’s take a look at how many international tournaments have been held in Estonia at all?

  1. Tallinn Cup has been held 13 times (read more here)
  2. Jeti Cup has been held 8 times;
  3. Junior Tallinn Cup has been held 4 times;
  4. WCT Tallinn Mens Challenger (in the beginning Tallinn Season Starter) has been held 3 times;
  5. WCT Tallinn Ladies Challenger (in the beginning Tallinn Ladies International) has been held 2 times;
  6. WCT Tallinn Mixed Doubles International has been held 2 times;
  7. WCT Tallinn Masters Mixed Doubles has been held 2 times;
  8. Tallinn 1-day Mixed Doubles Challenge has been held 2 times;
  9. Medved Cup has been held 2 times;
  10. Tallinn Wheelchair International has been held once;
  11. White Nights Trophy has been held once.

Thus, in the period from October 2005 to February 2018, exactly 40 international curling tournaments have been held in Estonia. In addition, 2015 World Junior Curling Championships were held in Tallinn. Therefore, we have consistently organized tournaments in Tallinn already for 12+ years.

In addition, the Estonian Curling Association and the Latvian Curling Association have twice organized the Estonian vs Latvian Friendly and the Baltic Cup, which was also twice held in Estonia.

Now season 2018/2019:

  1. 21.-23. September: 3rd WCT Tallinn Mixed Doubles International
    Read more here. Why participate? An ideal opportunity to take part in a high-level tournament and earn world ranking points. In the previous tournaments, we have seen here reigning world champions and Olympic teams. In 2017 we had 20 teams from 7 different countries participating.
  2. 28.-30. September: 3rd WCT Tallinn Ladies Challenger/4th Tallinn Mens Challenger
    Read more here.
    Read more here. Why participate? This year’s edition will be very-very special: a) the tournaments take place in the Tondiraba main arena which means that teams can play on the European Curling Championships A group arena; b) Head of the ice is Mark Callan who needs no introduction; c) a test event for European Curling Championships; d) Men’s and women’s tournaments take place simultaneously. In 2017 we had 10 teams (7 different countries) competing in the men’s competitions and 15 teams in the women’s tournament (7 different countries). This option may not come around like this again. Use the opportunity!
  3. 18.-20. October: 14th Tallinn Cup
    Read more here. Why participate? 13 years, 376 teams, 24 nationalities. 2017 edition was Sold OUT. There is one blog post about the history of TC: read here.
  4. 26.-28. October: 2nd Tallinn Wheelchair International
    Read more here. Why participate? A good opportunity to prepare for World Wheelchair Qualification event. In the first edition of the tournament, we had six teams from five different countries participating.
  6. 11.-13. January: 9th Jeti Cup
    Read more here. Why participate? 2018 edition was SOLD OUT: out of 18 teams, 11 came outside of Estonia from 9 different countries.
  7. 9. February: 3rd. 1-day Mixed Doubles Challenge
    Read more here. Why participate? Good opportunity to prepare for the next week WCT Event.
  8. 15.-17. February: 3rd WCT Tallinn Masters Mixed Doubles International
    Read more here. Why participate? A fantastic way to prepare for local championships, international tournaments, or World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships. In 2018, 15 teams from 10 different countries participated.
  9. 23.-25. May: 3rd White Nights Trophy
    Read more here. Why participate? A good way to finish the curling season with the fun tournament and take part with Estonians to end the 2018/2019 curling season. In 2017 12 teams, including 5 teams from abroad, attended.

To sum up, as described above, we are looking forward to a very interesting and extraordinary season of tournaments. There are tournaments for every taste – good curling!

We thank our main partners for helping us with the organizing. We thank the City of Tallinn and it’s Sports and Youth Department. We thank Ministry of Culture and Cultural Endowment of Estonia. We thank Sportland, Kalev, and Scult and we thank Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn and Radisson Blu Olümpia. Without their support, we would not be here where we are.

The biggest thanks go to all participating teams and players. Thank you for your contribution to building the traditions. Let’s move forward together and let’s keep the traditions going!